Paving Process

Landscape Grass Paving Process

一 the grassland is cleaned first, and there is water accumulated in the water to ensure that the site is dry and clean.
二 turf paving: the turf is laid on the site according to the paving map. The turf paving is consistent with the drawings. All the grasses are in the same direction, and the functional points on the turf are aligned with the markings on the ground. The spacing between the turf and the overlapping turf is less than 5 mm.
三 bonding the turf straight seam: cut off the excess bottom of the turf, and roll the two turf along the straight seam about 25cm, brush the artificial special glue, and lay a 25cm wide clean connection on the ground between the turf. Apply a glue evenly with a squeegee. After the glue is slightly dry, turn the turf down and bond it and compact it.

Site needs to be hardened


First lay a large lawn

Watering the seams


Crop excess edges


Sports grass Installation Process

(1)Turf material entry and on-site transportation:
      1. Trade directly to the venue
      2.Professional glue must be stored in the indoor cool place, quartz sand and set can be stored in the open air, but the stone yellow sand defense rain. The deposit of quartz sand and rubber particles will not clear the traffic inside the site, and the construction of the plastic surface grinding machine.
(2)Basic processing:
      In order to ensure the flatness and degree of the sports field, the individual heights of Jichang are leveled and lowered to the lower places, and the same basic materials are used to fill the gap.
(3)Measurement and stakeout:
      1. Measurement and stakeout according to construction paper:
      2.Using the calibrated calibration instrument and the 100m steel tape measure, the surveyor sets the bottom line to detect whether the size of the football field meets the requirements of the drawing design. If there is any irregularity, it should be modified in time, and the error soil is allowed to be 5mm;
      3.The lawn sports field is the same: the sample base point needs to be expressed by the material of the non-sleeve color (long-term retention reference point), allowing the soil to be 5mm.
(4)Artificial turf laying:
      1.Pavement of artificial turf in the lawn sports field (allowing error soil 5mm);
      The artificial turf is delivered to the construction site. According to the requirements of the construction drawings, according to the number of the production plant, the paving machine is arranged on the site in order, and the color difference should be avoided. If the color difference is found, the color difference should be adjusted in time. Park for one day, let the turf stretch in place and start paving; squeeze each grass tightly to prevent wrinkles, bulges, and tightly combine them. If it is not tight, use the artificial grass special grass cutter to cut the correction and repair, and make it form a tight linear combination; use the interface cloth on each roll of the lawn interface to connect with the special adhesive, and press it tightly. The entire lawn is connected.
And should pay attention to the construction:
      (1)The separation zone and the junction zone shall be constructed according to the construction drawings, and the handover coincides with 5-8cm;
      (2)The interface cloth is fixed under the scribing line, and a special adhesive is applied on the joint surface, and the joint is dried after being touched, and the joint is repaired and leveled after the joint:
      (3)After the jointing of the foot ball area is completed, the position of the curved line is cut, and the white line grass (ie the foot ball line) is laid, and a special adhesive is brushed on the interface cloth, and the joint is made after the touch is dry, and the curve is curved. After the paving is completed, it is necessary to check whether the joints are joined properly.
 (5)Marking line installation: tolerance error 100mm soil 2mm
      1. According to the rules of the football competition rules, the goal line is marked;
      2. Cut the turf according to the original marking line, fix the interface cloth under the cutting 2 line, and brush the special bonding agent on the joint surface, and then join after the touch is dry;
      3. After the marking line is installed, it is necessary to check whether the joint areas are connected correctly, and whether the intersection lines and the intersection angle are smooth.
(6)Quartz sand and rubber particles are laid:
     1. Quartz sand: using Xixian scrub quartz sand, particle size 20-40 mesh
     2. Glue particles: using rubber moon cross particles, particle size 0.5-1.5mm
     3. After the artificial turf material of the football field is installed, the quartz sand can be laid.
     4. Quartz sand laying: using imported artificial turf sand filling machine, the standard amount of 25% quartz sand flows into the artificial grass in the longitudinal direction;
     5. After the quartz sand is laid, check whether it is flat and sufficient with sand fertilizer. Insufficient places need to be added;
     6. Any impurities found in the pavement need to be removed immediately to ensure quality;
     7. The quartz sand and the site in the pavement should be kept dry to facilitate the flow of quartz sand.
     8. After the quartz sand paving is completed, it is necessary to use a sand-laying plate to brush back and forth to make the quartz sand fully dense;
     9. In order to increase the elasticity of the artificial turf, spread the rubber particles on the quartz sand;
    10. The final effect is that the quartz sand and the rubber particles face the grass surface 10mm;
(7)Clean up the site and acceptance:
      1. After the artificial grass is finished, the marking line should be accurate and the color should be the same;
      2. The site should have no obvious seams and height differences;
      3. The turf joint should be firmly bonded, and the filling should be sufficient, flat and even;


Infrastructure (can be cement foundation or asphalt foundation)


Sweep the site and position the measurement line


Spread the lawn and line the lawn


Mounting tape


Applying dehydration, bonding the lawn and pressing the gap with heavy objects


Trimming and trimming the boundary line



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